W&M invitation to Comey should be withdrawn

The decision to ask James Comey, former FBI director, to provide lectures on ethics at the College of William and Mary was a mistake. This is a man who proclaimed Hillary Clinton “extremely careless” for passing top secret special access information on an unsecured server. Clinton’s actions were a violation of 18 U.S. Code 798, 793, and 2071, U.S. security laws. These are serious criminal violations of U.S. laws.

Comey chose a news conference to explain her actions and his recommendation. That is, no prosecuting attorney would take this case. It is not the FBI’s duty to make prosecutorial decisions; that belongs to the Justice Department. Normal procedure is for the FBI to pass the results of their investigation to Justice in a nonpublic manner. Why not in this case? Well, we know why. To complete the “loop” AG Lynch had previously stated she would accept the recommendation of the FBI (which is under no obligation to provide one). So, Comey made such a recommendation — and publicly.

For those unaware of just what type of information might be contained in a top secret special access paper, think of the secrets of the atomic bomb in 1945. The results of someone getting access to top secret special access information outside the U.S. Government can be devastating.

Reveley is going down a most treacherous road if he does not withdraw this invitation. An action that could have negative, long lasting effects on William and Mary — and the community.

Charles K. Misak


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