Fly a flag to remember Armistice Day

Sunday marks the signing agreement to end World War I — at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month — 100 years ago. Now known as Veterans Day, it was once called Armistice Day.

This, as in past years, is when veterans’ organizations place the appropriate size U.S. flags by deceased veterans’ graves in local cemeteries. Haven’t heard or seen much from vets groups for this 100-year honorable day other than getting volunteers to place flags and distribute WW I-era poppies, prior to this year’s Veterans Day.

Local veterans’ groups need to follow the College of William and Mary’s lead, especially as the college has put up many street pole banners commemorating 100 years of women on campus. This Veterans Day is the 100th anniversary of when WWI officially ended and is one of the main reasons women were first admitted on campus in the fall of 1918, as most W&M male students prior to then enlisted or were drafted, making them a scarcity on campus.

One good patriotic way to honor the anniversary is for local veterans’ groups to remind James City County and Williamsburg businesses, hotels and others that have flag poles by their establishments but haven’t raised flags for many months or even years, to again hoist up a U.S., Virginia or their corporate flag on these empty, sad, forlorn-looking flag poles. If not, then ask to get rid of these unused local flag poles.

Charles Montgomery

James City County

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