There's more to immigration crisis than fear

I would like to see the president address the bad affects that illegal immigration has for illegal immigrants. I believe this would help make his case.

No country has unlimited resources to adsorb an unlimited number of illegal immigrants. There is a reason countries have immigration policies and quotas: they want to insure immigrants have the tools they need to be successful, e.g. the ability to speak the language and job skills that will allow them to get a good job.

For the most part, the hundreds of thousands of illegal refugees crossing our southern border do not speak English and have low job skills. When they get here, they find themselves standing on street corners hoping an employer will come by and give them a job for the day, a job with low wages, no benefits and poor working conditions. If they complain, then there are always others to take the job. If they complain too much, then a discreet call to ICE and they’re deported.

The only winners here are businesses getting cheap labor. People often say illegal immigrants are doing jobs Americans won’t do. More likely, they are doing jobs at low wages Americans won’t accept.

The second challenge facing illegal immigrants is that the cost of living in the U.S. is dramatically higher than in their home country. If they are lucky enough to get a low-paying job, it won’t put a roof over their heads, food on the table or pay for healthcare expenses.

Often we see multiple families living in a single room or hospital emergency rooms overwhelmed. Because these folks are undocumented, cities haven’t budgeted to provide for the additional influx of persons. Hospitals, welfare programs, schools and even jails are overwhelmed.

The third big issue facing illegal immigrants is the predators who prey on them — scamming them, robbing them and sometimes assaulting and killing them.

Some like to think sanctuary cities protect them, but the opposite is true. Do we really think the predators are too stupid to pick up a phone and call ICE directly? Hardened criminals who are illegal immigrants are being released back onto the streets, most likely to prey on others.

Why would these illegal immigrants report them when they know they will only be released to retaliate against their accusers?

We lure illegal immigrants to our cities, dump them on our streets with no support then clap ourselves on the back and say what great humanitarians we are.

This crisis has been going on for 20 years or more. Congress has fiddled while chaos has descended on the border. Past presidents have tried to restore order but without the support of Congress, the courts have stepped into the vacuum issuing often conflicting rulings without consulting the experts at Homeland Security and thus making their job next to impossible.

If Trump caves now, then another two years will go by without action just like the previous 20 years without action.

Cal Morris

James City County

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