Rapp Beale is the fighter we need

This year, we have an election to determine the Republican nominee for our district, and as a leader in our community who has spent a considerable amount of time in the halls of the Virginia General Assembly, I can assure you that we need someone who has a proven record representing our biblical values now more than ever.

That is why I am encouraging you to go to the polls on June 11 and vote for my good friend, Melanie Rapp Beale, to be our next delegate.

I have known her for 18 years and I firmly believe she is the right person to send to Richmond to contend for us. Rapp Beale has a proven track record in the House of Delegates in taking a stand for the unborn, as well as taking a stand against tax increases and other threats to our fundamental human rights. I trust her eight-year record in public office, and I am confident she will represent our principles in Richmond as a proven conservative voice, and I know that you can, too.

Having her in Richmond will give us someone that we can count on to stand with us instead of with the lobbyists and special interest groups that are trying to redefine our country. We need that kind of fighter, and I strongly encourage you to join me on June 11 in voting for Melanie Rapp Beale for delegate.

Mark Morrow


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