'Tommy' tax unfairly targets Historic Triangle

If you are a resident of the city of Williamsburg, James City or York counties, be prepared for a new tax proposal from State Sen. Tommy Norment. The new “Tommy” tax is Senate Bill 942, which will add a 1 percent sales tax to residents of the city of Williamsburg, James City and York counties only. The “Tommy” tax would eliminate some of the taxes and fees that businesses currently pay in the Historic Triangle and pass them on to you in the form of a 1 percent sales tax.

The bill proposes creating a new level of bureaucracy to manage the funds raised by the sales tax (how much overhead would be used to administer that?). If you are surprised to hear about this new tax proposal, you are not alone. SB 942 has been approved swiftly by both the House of Delegates and the Senate and is on its way to the governor for his signature.

The new “Tommy” tax will not apply to the other 98 counties and cities in Virginia, only us. Are we to believe the rest of Virginia does not have equally historic areas?

Supporting the Historic Triangle can be done in many ways, but not by taxing local residents with the uniquely mandatory “Tommy” tax. Hopefully, you will contact your state representatives and the Governor’s office immediately to object to this unfair taxation in our area. Ask the Governor to veto Senate Bill 942 today.

Charlie Moser


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