Old Senate rule on voting should be reinstated

The wrenching hearing on Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination was the direct result of Republican policy. Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell changed Senate rules to allow a simple majority vote to confirm Supreme Court nominees. The long established rule requiring two-thirds of the body would have forced the president to nominate a less controversial figure.

It was a pure power grab by the Republicans. The old two-thirds rule gave the minority a chance to have their concerns recognized. Instead of negotiation and comity, we have tyranny of the majority and a nominee rejected by half the country.

Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination should be put on hold until after the November elections. If Democrats gain control of the Senate they can immediately reinstate the two-thirds rule, which takes only a majority vote. Should Kavanaugh loose President Trump can then select a suitable candidate — perhaps a woman — who can win enough votes to be seated.

Wayne Moyer


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