Wittman should listen to those with different views

Del. Brenda Pogge recently wrote that Rep. Rob Wittman was right in not accepting an invitation to a League of Women Voters forum with Vangie Williams because he does not agree with the league's policies. If Rep. Wittman only listens to people who agree with him, how will he learn what all of his constituents want?

I know he has agreed to debate Williams twice this season, and this is a good thing. But I am sorry that Wittman would not participate in a public forum in the Williamsburg area, where many of his constituents live, just because the hosting group has different ideas than his own.

Many in the Williamsburg area believe universal health care is a good idea — why should any American go without the ability to get health care? — and after the sad events this year many also believe that some controls on gun ownership — i.e. licensing, background checks, limits on ammunition cartridges — are way overdue. Perhaps it would be good for Wittman to hear the opinions of this group of his constituents.

America is terribly divided at the moment. Listening to the opinions of those who do not agree with us would make a start on bringing us back together as a country. I would like to stress that this has to happen on both sides of the divide. I'd like to hear from the congressman in person.

Susan Mulnix


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