We need real solutions on gun safety

The recent shooting at the Virginia Beach Municipal Center was a horrific event, but what I don’t understand is how people can turn straight to extreme gun control measures, when ultimately we have a bigger drug addiction and mental illness problem in this country, and not a gun problem.

Nobody talks about the fact that our children are exposed to desensitizing video games and visually disturbing movies for which Hollywood finds itself at no fault at all.

As a veteran of the United States military, I took an oath to defend the constitution of the United States, and I find it a personal attack on our freedom to constrict how many or what kind of guns I am allowed to own. What we should be concentrating on is making sure that gun owners have the proper storage in their house to keep guns out of their children’s hands, proper gun safety education programs in our schools, such as the ones the NRA produces, background checks on all gun purchases and proper mental health illness detection by getting involved in people’s well being before it becomes a general public problem, instead of just turning a cold shoulder and saying, “It’s not my problem, I am sure someone else will do something about it.”

People, wake up! Get involved in your community and start caring for your family, friends and neighbors instead of waiting until it’s to late. Putting restrictions on law abiding citizens is just a band aid in the eyes of the public and will not stop mentally unstable people from committing a horrific crime. Just look at Chicago as an example of how well restrictive gun laws work.

Let’s concentrate on concrete measures that will most certainly work, and not just a tourniquet.

Marco Netzer


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