We all need to ease up on stereotypes

I am writing in regards to an article recently published on The Virginia Gazette website, vagazette.com, by Jane Wester, titled “‘This nation has to change’: Sisters speak out after racial incident goes viral.”

It’s quite unfortunate to see there’s so much racial discrimination going on around the world. It’s sad to see people are being treated so horribly just because of their skin color. Personally, I believe that there’s a form of implicit bias or stereotyping that leads to such incidents.

Throughout the course of history, society has engraved it in us that “black people are bad and can’t have nice things.” In no way am I adding to this negative stereotype. However, this has led to so many hate crimes against minorities, especially African Americans. They are being treated so poorly and it is unfair. They can’t even voice their opinions because when they do, they get hurt or arrested. So, we need to step up and fight for their rights.

Racial discrimination is a universal problem, and if people don’t step away from the bigotry and put their ignorance aside, our country is going to crumble. Change isn’t going to happen overnight, but we need to unite together and start promoting positive relations. We need to start understanding that a person’s character is formed by his/her actions, not by their skin color, or faith or gender.

Situations like the one described in this article can be avoided if we stop judging people and get to know them before making assumptions.

Kesha Patel


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