Candidates need to speak up, debate about the future

Where is our America? I watch the news and I see our president ridicule a war hero who is fighting for his life. I see police removing people in wheelchairs who are fighting for healthcare. I see people with torches who are marching for hate. Where is the America that elected Barack Obama? Where is the America that implemented the ADA? Where is the America that opposes discrimination?

This is an election year and we decide who will lead our new America and we have the right to know the values of all the people who are asking for our vote. This is an important time and we have to get it right.

We need to hear from all the candidates. We need to be able to ask the tough questions and not rely on a card or commercial carefully crafted by the candidate. We need to see our choices side by side and then decide whose values are those we want to see in our new America.

Kelly DeLucia is a Democrat running for Delegate in the 96th District who is willing to debate her opponent Del. Brenda Pogge, a Republican, but Ms. Pogge refuses to debate. Del. Mike Mullin, D-93rd, is willing to debate his opponent, but Heather Cordasco, a Republican, refuses to debate. Why? What don’t they want us to know?

Jeannette Potter

James City County

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