Monticello post office staff is great

I was very distressed to read the terrible remarks in the recent Virginia Gazette about the staff and service at the Monticello Post Office. I understand the problems people are having with mail delivery, but the people up front behind the counter aren’t responsible for that and have little or no control over it. Sometimes they’re short staffed at the counter, but they don’t control the work schedule either. Sometimes they get sick, and hopefully most times they eat lunch.

I’ve been going to that post office for decades, ever since it opened, and I have never had bad service at the counter or at the window. In fact, I think the staff is remarkably patient and helpful to us, taking all the time necessary for our tasks/questions, while they look out at a long line of impatient customers staring back at them.

They deal with the same questions, same packages, same problems over and over again all day long, every day. They’re required to ask every single one of us the same questions over and over again. All this while standing on their feet all day long. I frequently wonder how in the world they do that and remain sane. Not only remain sane, but also maintain their sense of humor.

So I say three cheers for the staff at the Monticello Post Office! After all these years, I feel as if they’re my friends. I hope to find them standing behind that counter for years to come – or for at least as long as they want to be there.

Lorraine Price


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