Capitalism, socialism need each other

We are told unrestricted capitalism is the only patriotic option for governing the United States, so Andrew Smith is to be commended for explaining the problems — even evils — of that system, since history and civics apparently are no longer taught in U.S. schools.

Capitalism is good for all citizens only when it is tempered with such “socialist” programs as Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, etc. Nordic nations are capitalistic, but their capitalism is combined with socialist programs that guarantee all citizens a basic standard of life.

The higher taxes so bemoaned by Americans fund that quality of life — health care, childcare, livable wages, excellent schools — at a much lower cost.

Unrestricted capitalism equals a few who are extremely rich and powerful with the eventual demise of the middle class. Capitalism in cooperation with basic social programs does not destroy wealth or initiative, it creates a baseline for national strength.

Karen Rogers


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