Whole community needs to fight abuse

When Avalon Center was founded in a church basement 40 years ago, abuse was often seen as a personal problem. Now, more people than ever understand abuse is a social issue, not just a tumultuous relationship. Nearly 1,500 women, men and children received emergency shelter, counseling and various support services from Avalon in 2018 alone.

As more people learn about Avalon and as the perception of abuse shifts, more survivors are reaching out to Avalon for help.

We deeply appreciate articles like Steve Roberts’ “Domestic violence widespread, crosses geographic and economic lines.” Part of Avalon’s mission is to create a community that works together to end abuse, and the Gazette has become a valuable partner in this effort.

If you are interested in supporting Avalon Center and survivors of abuse, please join us at our upcoming fundraiser. The fourth annual “Wine Tour” will be held Saturday, March 9, at the Williamsburg Community Building. Tickets and information can be found at avaloncenter.org/wine-tour or by calling 757-258-5022.

Emily Rossiter

Chair, Avalon Board of Directors

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