There are ways to return some tax money to residents

Some say local government is the closest to the people. I would agree with that sentiment, especially when it comes to taxes.

SB942 (Sales Tax and Use Tax in the Historic Triangle) is no different, and I'm hearing from citizens — even in the grocery store.

This bill affects James City County by increasing our sales tax to 7 cents, the highest in Virginia..

Upon hearing from citizens about this tax increase, I was happy to inform them that I, too, oppose it and that I had notified Del. Brenda Pogge, prior to the vote, that I was in opposition. My letter to her was my own voice and did not represent the Board of Supervisors.

As a result of this bill, our local community would be expected to to receive approximately $4.5 million in additional revenue. After hearing from numerous citizens regarding the fact that we just had a recent tax increase, I propose the following tax reduction, which will be revenue neutral in James City County:

I submit that relief come in the form of a $1.5 million decrease in the Business Professional Occupational License tax. This directly affects retail and perhaps will alleviate he problem of having so many empty store fronts.

With our renewed focus on manufacturing, not only in schools but in the community as a whole with high-paying jobs, I propose a $1.5 million reduction in the Machine and Tools tax. This will help in the retention of our existing manufacturing base.

To provide our citizens with financial relief, I also propose a $1.5 million decrease in the property tax.

Although we are faced with a possible 1 cent sales tax increase, we must remember that a healthy portion will be paid by non-county people and tourists.

By being revenue neutral, these changes will help James City County remain a great place to live, work and play.

It is, indeed, an honor to serve this great community.

Sue Sadler

James City County, Stonehouse District

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