Plaza plans seem at odds with CW mission

Why are Colonial Williamsburg Foundation President Mitchell Reiss and Vice-President Jeff Duncan foisting Goodwin Plaza on Williamsburg residents and visitors? How ironic the P3 parking lot is promoted as “Goodwin Plaza.” The visionary the Rev. Dr. W.A.R. Goodwin must be turning over in his grave.

Why are they, to quote a Nov. 17 Letter to the Editor, "Making this pitch for spending money to attract people … away from the colonial activities, programs, buildings and green spaces?” Why this reversal to John D. Rockefeller’s and Goodwin’s restoration plan? Why are projected costs not being disclosed? I cannot find estimated costs of this anomaly by either Reiss or Duncan in the CWF magazine “Trend & Tradition,” or in recent issues of The Virginia Gazette.

Why are they not responding to the dozens of published negative comments, particularly regarding the destruction of P3 parking spaces to install a silly splash fountain and a gigantic commercial TV screen?

Hopefully, Reiss and Duncan will focus instead on the long-awaited, multi-million dollar expansion of the DeWitt Wallace/Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Museums, which will have a user-friendly entrance with much needed handicap access.

Therein lies the real excitement in Colonial Williamsburg.

Mary Rose Schlatter, CWF Volunteer


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