Electoral College is more important than ever

Mr. Maner (March 2) is close to correct in his assessment that the original Electoral College concept made sense because "it gave the Southern states a bit of parity." Actually, it also gave the northeastern states a bit of parity as well because the fear was that Virginia would control everything if there were a direct democracy of one man, one vote. That is why the Founding Fathers elected to create a representative democracy that better ensured representation for the greatest number of people and concerns.

Further, Mr. Maner is totally wrong in his view that "candidates for national office will have to appeal to all Americans." To the contrary, just on the basis of the last election, they would only have to appeal to voters in New York and California to be elected President. This of course would mean the rest of working America, including farmers, energy workers and others who keep the country working, would have no say as to the presidency.

Given that people are moving out of New York and California to escape the high taxation of their liberal/socialist policies, it is possible the center of gravity would shift at some point, but it still would not be a representative democracy that considers all views. No, the Electoral College is even more important now then when it was created.

Ronald M. Smith


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