Don't mock Melania Trump's accent

I am shocked and distressed at Jimmy Kimmel’s recent critique of First Lady Melania Trump’s accent while she was reading to children.

I have been an educator or administrator at all levels of education my entire life, working overseas, in the D.C. area and New York City, and I have encountered people for whom English was either not spoken at all or was a second language. Here in the U.S., I hear poorly spoken and ungrammatical English consistently in the media and on the street among those who have been born in the U.S. Newspapers no longer take pride in accurate spelling or grammar.

I have lived in several countries in Central and Eastern Europe, including Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia (Melania Trump’s country of origin). I have studied the Serb language, Croatian and Lithuanian. I would suggest that Kimmel try mastering any one of those languages before he criticizes the First Lady for her accent.

He was not only rude and insulting, but he demonstrated a total lack of good breeding and character. I have never even considered criticizing someone because of his or her accent. In all the countries I have lived, people appreciated the fact that I had made the effort to learn their language. The Slovenes, in particular, were kind and understanding.

Melania Trump has it all over Mr. Kimmel in character and certainly class. She is a wonderful First Lady and we should appreciate her for who she is and for her efforts on behalf of the United States. I would like to support her and her husband as they strive to do what is right for our country. I want them to succeed so that our country succeeds. Enough of this nastiness. There is no place for it in our society. We all need to put an end to it.

Ellen and Larry Spore


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