Armchair diagnosis is dangerous and wrong

Debate about a president’s health as it relates to his performance in office has long been a part of our country’s history. Accurate, transparent knowledge about a chief executive’s medical conditions is important for the public to know. But there is no place for politically motivated, naïve speculation on President Trump’s mental health, as was evident in the Jan. 17 letter to the editor, “Trump’s erratic behavior is troubling.”

The writer’s accusation that President Trump may be showing signs of Alzheimer’s is simply not true. On Jan. 16, the White House released the results of his recent medical exam. In addition to the usual physical exam, the president also underwent an extensive standardized cognitive assessment evaluation. The test revealed a perfect result.

Thoughtful arguments opposing President Trump’s actions are part of the democratic process. But basing policy disagreements solely on one’s unprofessional, inaccurate judgment about Trump’s unconventional personality and behavior says more about the accuser’s mental state than the president’s.

Jonathan L. Stolz, MD


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