Let's hope W&M gets some new priorities

With a new president at the College of William and Mary, lets hope and pray for some new policies and common sense. I'm older than 80 years old and have counseled many young folks and reminded them they will be looking for jobs — and they should always keep in mind they will need items to put on their job applications.

Granted, some relaxation, such as a night out, seeing a sporting contest or short vacation are needed. But what about other activities to enhance a job application? From my memory of Gazette articles, here are a few experiences current W&M grads can put on their job applications:

» They have participated in or cheered on soccer team denigration of our flag as they emulated NFL players

» They've participated in Black Lives Matter activities

» They've learned ethics from a fired disgraced former FBI chief who still may be indicted

Both students and we taxpayers pay dearly for this absurdity.

Let’s hope the new W&M president can economize and enhance the learning experience with bit of elementary school level common sense.

Richard Swanenburg


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