JCC marina a losing proposition

James City County government continues its efforts to outdo Washington in government intrusion, ineptness and waste. The Sept. 22 Gazette headlined the JCC marina near Jamestown as a big draw and a recreational hub. Huh?

A small boat docking rental facility is simply a facility for use by local boat owners. It doesn't draw tourists.

Look at neighboring counties. In Charles City County, River's Rest Marina is a private enterprise. In New Kent County, Colonial Harbor is a private enterprise. Both places also have restaurants and they are tax paying private enterprises, not reliant on government funds.

The existing JCC marina location is the absolute worst location imaginable for a marina in the county. To get to or from open waters, one must go either thru a long narrow, shallow channel on the back of Jamestown Island or thru a narrow, shallow channel and the very limiting bridge — often referred to as the "Hole in the Wall" and sometimes by a less-polite term.

The very shallow depths of the entry channels and of the marina basin itself are nothing less than disastrous to boat motors. All boats — inboard or outboard — take in water for cooling. In any waters, there is always several feet up from the bottom, lots of silt and other debris. And the waters to, from and in the marina are subject to disturbances from tides and boat traffic, causing the waters to constantly have damaging debris within 10 feet, and occasionally more from the bottom. An added thought: more/deeper dredging would probably result in bank collapses.

If the marina really makes $100,000 annually as reported, why does the county have to ask for more? It appears the marina is a disastrous location and a failure of a money maker. So, just like in Washington, when it come to costly failures, JCC simply presses on.

Richard Swanenburg


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