2nd Amendment is very straightforward

In regards to Ms. Gambrell’s Letter to the Editor, titled “We must follow New Zealand on guns” (Gazette, March 26):

Ms. Gambrell totally misunderstands the purpose of the 2nd Amendment in the U.S. Constitution. This amendment guarantees the right of citizens to own and keep firearms for one express purpose: To have the means, if necessary, to overthrow the government if it becomes too onerous. Keeping guns for hunting was never considered, and to a lesser extent, neither was the right of self protection.

The Constitution was written just after the brave citizens of the 13 colonies fought and successfully overthrew the rule of the English king. The writers were skeptical of large government, and made sure citizens would have the tools necessary to prevent another government from becoming too large and overbearing.

Another spurious argument is the weaponry of that time were single-shot, muzzle-loaded rifles, and that the Founders never envisioned semi-automatic firearms. That’s true, but the context of the 2nd Amendment was for the citizenry to have the same tools available as the armed forces.

William R. Thibeault

James City County

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