Holiday decorations were festive, bright

This is addressed to all of those who have a Scrooge “humbug” attitude pertaining to the holiday decorations at the Inn and the Lodge, plus the ice rink near Merchants Square. There have always been these kinds of people and there will always be these kinds of “humbuggers.”

My wife and I were in Williamsburg during the 2017 Grand Illumination and noticed the bright, festive look of the Inn and the Lodge. These buildings are outside of the historic area and should be decked out as they are. We enjoyed their appearance. The “humbuggers” probably have their residence, inside and out, decorated modernly, why not have the Inn and the Lodge done similarly, as they are modern structures?

In relationship to the ice rink, it, too, is primarily outside of the historic area and fits perfectly with the climate and season. There “is evidence of resident(s) of Delaware and Pennsylvania, where settlers of Dutch and Swedish heritage kept up the traditions of their homelands.” (Struna, Nancy L. “People of Prowess: Sports, Leisure and Labor in Early Anglo-America,” Urbana: University of Illinois Press; 1996).

Upon visiting New York in 1678, English clergyman Charles Wooley noted, “And upon the Ice it’s admirable to see Men & Women as it were flying upon Skates from place to place, with Markets upon their Heads & Backs.”’ (Gems, Gerald; Linda Borish and Gertrud Pfister; “Sports in American History from Colonization to Globalization,” Chicago; Human Kinetics, 2008.)

Let the “humbuggers” wallow in their misery while the rest of us enjoy the simple decorations of the windows and doors in the historic area and the beautiful lights and atmosphere of the 21st-century sections.

Ronald L. Trabandt

Ashland, Kentucky

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