City on path to exciting new chapter

I recently finished a book on early America that discussed, among other things, the vibrant social and economic scene that Thomas Jefferson experienced when attending school at the College of William and Mary. Williamsburg’s rich tradition has its origins in that exciting blend of commerce and ideas that influenced the rest of the country.

While we may have stalled a bit since that heyday, I applaud the resurgence in the past several years that builds on the best of our traditions while re-energizing the city for the future. Led by the leadership of Mayor Paul Freiling and Vice-Mayor Doug Pons, as well as former Vice Mayor Scott Foster, the city’s recent efforts at economic diversity have improved the quality of life and made Williamsburg a more desired destination for families and visitors.

My wife and I have been here for six years now, and each year the efforts of the city make us more excited to put down permanent roots, and more and more I run into former William and Mary students who see the positive changes and are now working to move back with their families.

We have been particularly impressed by individuals such as Councilwoman Barb Ramsey, who we see at the Farmer’s Market, on ride alongs with the police force, meeting with local entrepreneurs and cheering at the local basketball games.

Community members such as Ramsey give us confidence the city is focused on the right type of change, seeking consistent improvements to help us build on the best of our history while making new traditions for the next generation. We’re excited to be a part of this current version of Williamsburg’s story, and with new event ideas and the imminent start of the Tourism Development Fund, we’re looking forward to what’s next.

David Trichler


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