Responsible gun owners need to leave NRA

The difference between the recent Maryland school shooting and the Florida shooting is this: In Maryland, the good guy with a gun stopped an equally armed bad guy with a gun. In Florida, the good guy with a gun stayed away from the bad guy because he came up against an assault weapon. He and the police were outgunned and remained outside. So, unless we are prepared to arm teachers and school security officers with AR-15s, they’ll likely choose personal safety over confrontation. Who can blame them?

It’s time for hunters and other responsible gun owners to speak up, tell the NRA they never signed on to defend the rights of bad guys to spray bullets in schools, night clubs, theatres, etc. Then, leave en masse to start another organization that represents their common sense views on the Second Amendment. The Responsible Gun Owners of America has a nice ring to it. Social media can make this happen.

Lee G. Walsh


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