Legislators need to work together on immigration

Editor’s note: This letter originally was sent to Sen. Tim Kaine.

Thank you for the courtesy of a reply to my email, however, I don't think President Trump is "anti-immigrant" or "heartless." I'm not impressed with hyperbole or ad hominem attacks or self-righteous indignation.

I want you and the other Democratic members of Congress to do what you and your GOP colleagues have promised to do for decades: Stop illegal immigration on the southern border (based on the advice of on-the-ground experts and verifiable facts); and enact a comprehensive immigration policy that makes sense (based on merit and fairness, not partisan political imperatives).

We are facing a national emergency. You and your colleagues have three weeks to fix it. For the sake of our sovereignty and our future as the world's oldest surviving federal republic and representative democracy, please rise to the occasion, step across the aisle and legislate.

Ron Wheeler

James City County

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