'Death by gun' needs to stop

I will not be in town today, Saturday, March 23, and so will not be able to participate in the End Gun Violence March this afternoon on DOG Street.

Of course, the march is to end gun violence in our schools and towns, as stated in a recent article in The Virginia Gazette. I am a proud member of two of the sponsoring organizations, WJCC Democrats and Williamsburg Unitarian Universalists.

If I were here for the march, I would participate to advocate and demand the end of “death by gun” caused by provocations and sanctions. I demand an end to the provocative utterances and actions from the Trump administration for armed violence in protected environments -- be they schools, places of worship, cities/towns, borders or the marketplace. I demand an end to police and civilian gun violence sanctioned by laws encouraging stand your ground, probable cause and other protected behaviors. The racist underpinning of these provocations and sanctions intend African Americans and other non-anglo/euro/white folk to be the targets and victims.

If the good folk assembled at the march want to end gun violence, then focus on the causes, not the symptoms, of “death by gun.”

John L Whitley


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