Northam, Fairfax, Herring deserve your vote

A non-partisan group of concerned, committed voters has “fact-checked” Gillespie, Vogel, Adams — GVA — assertions and allegations against Northam, Fairfax, Herring — NFH — and found them and their contentions appear to be false, fake, libelous, unethical, slanderous, self-protecting and dishonest.

At no other time have so few mounted such vicious and vitriolic attacks upon so many good people who are committed to the common good and the beloved community.

GVA appears to be a symbiotic, nationalistic gang committed to undermining the well-being and quality of life of the citizens of Virginia. Their careers are focused on delivering the maximum profit, benefit and protection to the few who least need or deserve such commitments. They have engaged in intentional and implicit negative actions toward the environment, energy, housing, education, equity, healthcare, economy and equality. Single-handedly, their professional and personal commitments and engagements appear to show evidence of their connections with people and organizations sharing their beliefs and values to undermine the middle-class, the working-poor, ethnic and racial minorities, women, veterans, the disabled and others.

To utter Gillespie and Trust, Vogel and Ethics, Adams and Rule-of-Law would be prime and substantiated examples of oxymorons. I believe they are.

The Commonwealth of Virginia needs and deserves Ralph Northam for Governor, Justin Fairfax for Lt. Governor and Mark Herring for Attorney General as our trustworthy, ethical and law-focused team to lead us forward.

Northam, Fairfax, Herring prevail if you vote on Nov. 7.

John Whitley


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