Trump, the GOP undermine America

Republicans in Congress have undermined the future of 99 percent of the citizens of the United States by passing the tax cut/jobs legislation.

Donald Trump has been confirmed by them as the leader they admire, trust and support for his actions this past year.

Trump and the Republicans have intentionally undermined most of the primary systems of our nation: affordable health care, environment, education, energy, economy, transportation and welfare, as well as others.

Most directly devastating are his and their attacks on the rights, dignity and respect of women, LGBTQ people, ethnic and racial minorities, immigrants, the disabled, faith groups, the poor and economically challenged and other groups.

The Grinch may have stolen Christmas, as the story recounts; but Trump and his minions have stolen and destroyed the hopes, dreams and futures of the people, as confirmed by his and their words and deeds. He and Republicans must be held accountable and be given the punishment best suited to their destructive behaviors.

John L. Whitley


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