Electoral College is a safety net

In Saturday’s Gazette, ( March 2) W.L. Maner supports eliminating the Electoral College. He indicated President Trump won the Electoral College by “winning three states by a combined total of about 41,000 votes while losing the popular vote by nearly 3 million votes.” That’s one statistic.

Another statistic is that, according to Factcheck.org, Mrs. Clinton won 489 counties (15.7 percent), and President Trump won 2,623 counties (84.3 percent) of the country. Across the United States, a far greater percentage of counties wanted Mr. Trump.

Mrs. Clinton’s popular vote total was especially confined to California and New York. According to “Investor’s Business Daily” of Dec. 12, 2016, Mrs. Clinton won California by more than 4.3 million more votes than President Trump.

The Electoral College was specifically designed to preclude a limited number of areas from winning an election when those areas have large blocks of voters of one political persuasion.

If we eliminate the Electoral College, California may well elect all future presidents.

Leland W. Williams


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