Pathways programs plot the right course

The Gazette published a good article May 20 shining the light on the collaboration of our forward-thinking students, teachers, and Pathways Project leaders. Williamsburg James City County Schools are effectively addressing the future needs of education and business by offering the much-needed link between education and the economic prosperity of our community and our citizens.

No matter what subjects students have studied in school, employers want universal skills that can be applied across academic disciplines and in any job. To address these challenges WJCC schools are piloting the Pathways Project which connects each student's education to their own skills and interests in a way that will result in deeper learning. Pathways students will be able to: think critically about what their future will be; acquire skills to navigate their future; connect with industries and businesses; and follow their personal pathway.

Participants in Pathways Project programs will work in a collaborative setting that focuses on innovative learning opportunities for every student. Students will experience flexibility through online courses, blended instruction, dual enrollment, early college, project- and community-based learning, and credit acceleration and recovery.

Students are learning how to apply what they learn in school to real world applications while the students and teachers are now enjoying this fresh collaborative approach to learning the skills they need to become career-ready citizens. We must continue to stay the course and lend our full support to these ongoing Pathways initiatives so everyone can share in the "American Dream"!

Glenn Marshall


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