Alexandria shootings were no surprise

June 14, 2008: Barack Obama: "If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun ..."

Gee, however did the Alexandria gunman get his wild idea to shoot Republican congressmen? Well, our Community-Organizer-in-Chief believes there are no holds barred in politics. According to this Nobel Peace Prize President, there is ultimately no room for civil discourse, debate or deliberation when the left wants its way with American citizens and taxpayers. And yes, the media is also complicit as the shooter's enabler in its ceaseless, shrill cacophony of deranged, disruptive babble that has made civil discourse impossible. Those on the right are unfortunately compelled to respond with trolling tweets and screeds to make a stand against this overwhelming tempest.

Little wonder James T. Hodgkinson finally blew his stack! Alexandria is doubtlessly the result of blatant incitement to violence as was Ferguson, Baltimore and the demonization of Law Enforcement that continues to result in tragic police assassinations.

To irresponsible politicians and media, it's time to stand down! Americans need to take a collective deep breath to shake the chips from their shoulders that you in no small way have placed there!


Matthew Meyer


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