Time for Senate to talk with Garland

The recent preservation of Obamacare against Republican protest is a beacon of light on a very dark horizon. Now for the next big thing: the Supreme Court appointment.

It is perfectly obvious from his interviews that Neil Gorsuch will be a reincarnation of Antonin Scalia. Unbelievable that God took away Scalia, if he is only to be replaced by Gorsuch!

The Democrats, plus any Republicans who might be ashamed of themselves, should resurrect Obama's nomination of Merrick Garland. That the Republican rascals refused even to speak to him was not only unconscionably rude but illegal!

Thus it is only fair that Garland also be interviewed, with the goal of believing that Citizens United will be rescinded if he is appointed. Otherwise, this country is headed toward inevitable annihilation.

Anyone who doesn't believe that must read Jane Mayer's devastating revelation (New Yorker, March 27) of exactly how the whole Trump phenomenon was created — by Dark Money from a hedge-fund tycoon, his daughter, and his cronies, including Steve Bannon, et al.

Onward for Merrick Garland! Write or call your Senators! March or yell, whatever it takes! Save our country!

Charlotte Schrader


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