The Curmudgeon Report: Break out the Palmolive for the president

It is time to take the gloves off.

As your local curmudgeon, I felt a responsibility to provide you with a column that seeps with grumpiness, but does so in a good-natured way. If I could complain about something and provide a chuckle or two while doing so, I felt I was doing my job.

I think, overall, I have been successful in fulfilling that goal.

But one issue on the national agenda has cropped up that is so demanding of comment that it must be addressed, not only by a curmudgeon like me, but also by any person who cares for this country and its future.

I am sure you guessed where this is going.

It is time to address the gutter language that is coming out of the White House and the lack of total condemnation of such talk. Those close to President Donald Trump and members of his political party seem to be taking a “boys will be boys” attitude to the crude comments the president makes and no one, be it the Speaker of the House Paul Ryan or Vice President Michael Pence has stepped in to object.

There is definitely something wrong when the atmosphere around the president is filled with verbiage that would make a sailor blush. The White House simply laughs it off. Even the president’s spokeswoman, Sara Huckabee Sanders — a female, you might notice — does not take exception, further despoiling what once was a position of respect.

There can’t be anything right about a president who shouts “lock her up” when talking about his political opponent. There can’t be anything appropriate about the chief executive of the country using the Boy Scout Jamboree to make political pitches. Nor can there be anything honorable about a nation’s leader firing out four letter words, insults and crude comments whenever he discusses a political opponent or an opposition party critic.

There is much that Donald Trump and Donald Winslow disagree about. I find it hard to accept the load of disrespect The Donald has dumped on the presidency. I question his interest in improving the state of the nation and the world. And I have to assume POTUS is more interested in what’s in it for his family and his businesses than he is in keeping the United States the land of the free and home of the brave.

When you have to shoo your children away from the television when the president comes on, there is something wrong. Most of us don’t use that language. Oh, sure, we may do some cussing or swearing, but we don’t do it in front of our children. We may blurt out a word or two we wouldn’t want our moms to hear, but that is a rare occurrence. And we rarely turned the air blue with our talk and our comments, especially if a woman was in the room.

I remember my mother and father, backed strongly by my grandmother and granddad, issuing a dire warning if there was even a hint of foul language coming from my direction. “Talk like that and I”ll wash your mouth with soap and water” was the battle cry of parents up and down the country. And it worked.

Maybe its time to send some Palmolive to the White House.

If I rated this issue the number would be off the thermometer. So I’ll just say: Mr. President, clean up your act. The country deserves better.

Winslow recently moved to Williamsburg, but has written his Curmudgeon Report for more than a dozen years. He wonders how rapidly your blood is boiling on this issue? Let him know at

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