Epcot's Test Track reopens

Epcot's Test Track is back in action.

In the new version that opened Thursday, guests in line design cars using variables such as capability, efficiency, responsiveness and power. Those creations are matched against the actual ride vehicle that takes passengers through performance tests.

"The main idea here was to bring the world of the automotive story that we were telling at Test Track into present day and really set it up to be a kind of a future story about automotive design," said Melissa Jeselnick, project manager with Walt Disney Imagineering.

The previous pre-show featured test-track dummies being put through their paces. The long, high-speed stretch that bursts from the Test Track building, as well as the rest of the course, remains from the original attraction, which opened in 1998. It had been closed since April for this revamping.

With hands-on activities before, during and after the ride, the new Test Track is the most interactive attraction created by Disney, Jeselnick said. It gives guests creative control and a lesson in manufacturing.

"If you choose a big engine, you're going to get a lot of power, but potentially, that's going to impact your efficiency scores," she said.

There will be ways to make the virtual cars very impractical, Jeselnick said, along with methods to make them reflect the personality of their makers — or to match their creator's bedrooms.

"All the options are there to appeal to big car buffs as well as people who are wanting to make them a little more whimsical," she said.

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