Queen of Versailles: Her 'Green Acres' nightmare

On Celebrity Wife Swap, Juliet Reeves London urges David and Jackie Siegel to spend more time with their kids

"Queen of Versailles" Jackie Siegel now understands what the wife on "Green Acres" endured in saying goodbye to big-city life.

The Central Florida celebrity spent life down on an Oklahoma farm, feeding cows and shoveling manure on "Celebrity Wife Swap." She hated it.

She traded places with Juliet Reeves London, wife of actor Jeremy London, in the episode that aired Wednesday on ABC. Juliet spent a week with time-share mogul David Siegel, Jackie's husband, in Central Florida.

The reality show gave viewers a good look at the Siegels' current mansion, the lavish Seagull Island in Windermere, and a glimpse of Versailles, the 90,000-square-foot home that the Siegels are building on Lake Butler in Orange County.

Of Versailles, Juliet said, "Not even royalty needs a house that big." And she was astonished to see a throne in the living room at Seagull Island. Juliet had little interest in a Botox and jewelry party with Jackie's friends.

Instead, Juliet bonded with the Siegels' eight children while Jackie revealed that she had "a baby phobia" in caring for the Londons' young son, Wyatt.

Jackie announced that she turns her children over to her staff of 30 and could go a couple of days without seeing the kids. Juliet observed, "This is more of a hotel than a house."

Jackie bristled at wearing overalls to do farm chores, but Jeremy noted, "The cattle don't care how she looks."

Back in Central Florida, Jackie's team made up Juliet -- Jackie style -- so she could accompany David to the airport. Juliet scoffed at the heavy earrings. 

When it came time for the women to impress their parenting styles on the new family, Juliet sent the staff away and took the children on a camping trip. The youngsters looked overjoyed.

David, however, refused to stick with that venture, although he did help prepare a family meal. Juliet stressed that the family needed to sit down as a group.

Jackie saw a lack of passion in the London marriage because the young couple was spending so much time on the baby and farming. Jackie brought in her staff to groom the actor, then took him out for a nice meal.

Yet Jeremy seemed a bit creeped out by a couples massage that Jackie arranged, and Juliet was put off by David's "flirty" style.

David confided to the show, "I got a cute new wife, but I’m looking forward to Jackie coming home."

When the couples met at the episode's end, Juliet cautioned that all the Siegel kids needed more attention. Jackie responded that they would try for a family dinner once a week. There were many tears.

In an update, "Celebrity Wife Swap" said that the Londons had gone out, as Jackie suggested; David was spending more time with his kids, as Juliet suggested; and Jackie continued her reign as the "Queen of Versailles." Her time in the country is behind her.

But the show had as much value as a travelogue: Now you better understand how the Siegels live.


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