Pirates perform at West Point Library


An audience at West Point Library walked the plank only to jump into captivating stories about pirates on Thursday.

Librarian Elaine Wood said the priate program was an idea to spice up the summer reading activities.

"We just always try to look for something different; this year's theme was 'reading my design' so we thought 'let's see what the pirates can do for us'," she said.

Seven professional pirate reenactors educated and interacted with 40 people in an effort to get more people signed up for the summer reading program.

The reenactors explained the meaning of terms they've become famous for, such as 'aye,' 'nay,' 'avast there,' 'shiver me timbers,'.

Some pirates read children books about pirates while the remaining group reenacted the events.

Participants played with artifacts like a compass, fake handguns, fans, and wooden swords.

Professional pirate reenactor Emily Gurnuy is a part of the sea scouts who travels to major cities to perform in costume.

"We did a library event back in September they enjoyed it a lot, so they invited us to do more libraries in a short time span," said Gurnuy.

The sea scouts group also performed Friday and Saturday at the library.

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