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  • The Muscarelle explores legacy of Nazi Germany's art theft

    The Muscarelle explores legacy of Nazi Germany's art theft

    During the party’s reign, Nazi Germany committed massive art theft across Europe. While more than 70 years ago, the effects of those crimes are still felt today. “Muscarelle Explorations: Art Repatriation” will address the cultural impact art theft by the Nazi's has had through a series of lectures...

      • Dogs have tail wagging time at Fido Fest

        Dogs have tail wagging time at Fido Fest

        The pudgiest pugs, friendliest golden retrievers and poofiest pomeranians came out to James City County Parks and Recreations’ second annual Fido Fest Saturday afternoon. Joy Johnson, special events coordinator for the county, said she started Fido Fest to fill a hole that had been created with...

          • Saint Patrick's Day in the 'Burg

            Saint Patrick's Day in the 'Burg

            Saint Patrick’s Day doesn’t just mean green beer and more corned beef hash than you can stomach if you live in Williamsburg; it also means a weekend full of fun things to do. Here’s this year’s roundup of Saint Patrick’s Day events around the area: Activities Rose and Sword Academy of Irish Dance:...

              • Crunch time coming for birds' big 3 events

                Crunch time coming for birds' big 3 events

                Every year in the life of a bird is dominated by three big events: migration, molt and breeding. These punctuation marks in a bird’s annual cycle each require massive investment of energy and an increased risk of death, so birds have evolved a life history that ensures none of the Big Three occurs...


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                  • We need more local banks in rural area

                    It may sound funny for someone with a bank that’s been in operation for more than 100 years to be singing the praises of bank startups, and stranger still for any banker to call for more competition. But new banks and the entrepreneurial spirit they bring to the industry are a sign that the future...

                      • We must recommit to fight authoritarianism

                        In the 20th century, America transformed from a sleeping giant uninterested in engagements abroad to a world leader committed to defending freedom and democracy. The struggle against fascism in World War II vaulted the United States into a position of leadership for a liberal democratic coalition...

                          • Boeing, FAA should have acted sooner

                            The recent Max 8 grounding, I believe, is criminally late. Last week, Rachel Maddow on MSNBC, showed dozens of complaints from pilots around the world detailing critical nose-diving events for the Max 8, some before the first crash. That should have alerted the FAA and certainly Boeing to initiate...

                              • Global hotspots and blind spots

                                Dr. Anne-Marie Slaughter is known as someone who has helped shatter many glass ceilings, those barriers to advancement in a profession, especially those affecting women. She served as director of Policy Planning for the U.S. Department of State, the first woman to hold that position. Prior to her...

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