A sigh of relief on the morning after

It’s Wednesday morning, the day after the election, and I am breathing a sigh of relief that we no longer are subjected to the ugly campaign commercials. It seems they have become a contest of who can fabricate the worst about their opponent. This only incites more anger and division in our country, and we certainly already have enough of that.

Why can't our political candidates tell us what their own ideals and plans are and how they think to accomplish their goals and leave their opponents to do the same? Why can't we have a law to that effect; you can only talk about yourself? I would like to see at least one political hopeful who would do just that; that person will get my vote in the next election.

I also believe we would benefit from more than two parties. With more parties, a coalition would need to be formed to govern, which would force cooperation, and that is something we have very little of as it stands now. What progress are we making with two political parties, where each side digs in their heels on their side of the fence? We're not getting anywhere. Nothing is being done for the good of the country; we're too busy bickering about who is right and who is wrong and no one wants to give an inch.

Is there someone out there to take the initiative?

M. Plato


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