Last Word on a good deed, Oct. 31

Out for a ride

So I ride my bike a fair bit and most of the time I find people upset with me as they have to slow to go around me or as I struggle to make a left turn. But today I have restored faith in humanity, especially for two cool guys in a white, late model, 3 series BMW. So I'm on my way home after picking up a new back tire from Bikes Unlimited. I stop at the traffic light turning left onto Strawberry Plains Road and realize that I didn't press record on my fit app on my phone, pull phone out of pocket, press record and put it back. The light goes green and I start to ride out into the intersection. I look over my shoulder and notice the BMW that was behind me stopped and one of the guys is out of the car, holding up traffic. I think to myself, "Huh, I wonder what's going on back there." but quickly put my head down and start pushing up the road. Then a couple of minutes later, in the most cool and totally awesome way, this BMW rolls up beside me and the window comes down, an arm extends with my credit card in hand. No Way! It must have come out of my pocket at the light. So to the two awesome dudes in the BMW, thanks so much! Total greatness achieved! Thanks, guys!

Free to you

Generac generator, 15kW propane or N2 with no center and wiring.  Also a wood chipper. Call 757-220-8424.

Bad-news leaf blowers 

The two-cylinder engines that drive leaf blowers have never been regulated by any federal or state agency. A leaf blower running for one hour emits as many hydrocarbons and other pollutants into the atmosphere as does a car driven at 55 mph for 110 miles. Wind blows from the nozzles of these machines at speeds in the range of 180 mph. Winds of that force occur inside hurricanes and tornadoes.  Leaf blowers were not invented to blow leaves; they were originally designed as crop dusters. Gasoline-driven leaf blowers have been banned in scores of California counties, including Los Angeles and hundreds of municipalities across the U.S. and Canada. This was taken from a report of Dr. Weil.


I am calling regarding the person who wants insulation under their home.  Call Craig at the Drying Company. All I needed was insulation—needed my pipes under my house insulated—and they came and did that for me. Very good customer service and just very reliable. Their phone number is 757-566-8622   Good luck to you.

In response to inquiries looking for someone to repair wood rot and to do other handyman work: Michael J. Wise advertises in The Virginia Gazette under "Home Improvements." His number is 757-592-0607, and Mike will answer or will return your call. Mike is a local small contractor who is not afraid to tackle any size job, small or large. He brings 30 years of experience plus a well equipped job trailer to the jobsite. No wasted time running back and forth from suppliers. I have used Mike and am very pleased with all aspects of his work. Promptness, fair prices, excellent skills, neatness and integrity are all good reasons to use Mike.

Presidential politics

To the Oct. 19 caller dismissively referring to the alleged Trump sexual assault allegations and stating "Boys will be boys, men will be men":  I have a newsflash for you:  not this man and not my sons and not any of my close male friends and even casual male acquaintances.  What a stunningly ignorant and insulting statement to make; a belief or perception perhaps resulting from a lack of relationships with worthy and honorable men.

I am 15 years old and I have followed this election conscientiously since it began. I care deeply about the future of this country and I want to have my voice heard, but I am not allowed to vote. This is why my peers and I find it frustrating to hear adults talk proudly about how they're not going to vote this year because they don't like either major party candidate. You have a privilege and a right not guaranteed to all people that you have a duty to take advantage of.  If you must, choose the lesser of two evils, but don't complain if you don't like an outcome you could have prevented.

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