Virginia government still in crisis

The top three elected officials in Virginia are an embarrassment to the state, to other elected Virginia officials, the people of Virginia and the country.

Our governor is a disgrace. When a picture on his page in the college yearbook surfaced with one person in black face and the other in the infamous KKK garb, he apologized. The next day he claimed it was not him in the picture. When he was asked by a reporter why his nickname was “coon” in college, he said he did not know. Given the history of southern Democrats in Virginia and his actions in college, Ralph Northam is a racist and should resign.

Attorney General Mark Herring should also resign. Why would a white man go in blackface to an event? It is a shame that Virginia does not have laws that would allow dismissal of a racist.

As far as Lt. Gov.Justin Fairfax is concerned, it does not look good.

It is ironic that the Democratic Party was able to paint Ed Gillespie as a racist when they were the racists and unfortunately, now in office. What is typical is the silence of the news media about the governor and attorney general, but a great deal about Fairfax. If he is guilty, he should step down; sexual assault is very serious, but so is racism.

It is inconceivable that the Republican Party neglected to research Ralph Northam when he ran for governor. It appears they lack knowledgeable people who can conduct research on opponents. Even now with the governor exposed for what he stands for, the Virginia Republican Party is silent.

Judi Fleischman


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