Ehrhart should lead King William supervisors

Soon, one of the most important elections in King William County will be taken by the Board of Supervisors; it will determine the Board Chairman for 2019. The “routine: has been to rotate the position among board members, and this is Supervisor Ehrhart’s turn to be chairperson.”

I encourage you to support the “routine” selection process in support of Ehrhart because, as chairman can introduce motions that he has championed in the past that had little or no support from other board members, such as:

» Immediately reduce homeowners’ property taxes by 4 cents per $100. This would bring our rate below 90 cents for the first time in seven years, saving property owners $1,000,000 per year. We can afford this because of the huge excess currently held in the county non-designated reserve funds;

» Eliminate vehicle taxes for the elderly and poor;

» Eliminate the Business Professional Licensing — about $350,000 a year — which will support current and future business in our county;

» Pull out of the yearly fees paid to the Airport Authority — about $30,000 — for which the average citizen gets nothing..

All of the aforementioned savings to King William citizens can be had when Supervisor Ehrhart is elected chairman because I will immediately second every motion, and all that would be needed is for Supervisor Greenwood to vote “yes” or “abstain.” This is the time for Greenwood to step-up in support of county taxpayers with his possible re-election to the board just around the corner.

It will not matter how other supervisors vote; Ehrhart’s motions will pass and millions in taxpayer money will go back to taxpayers. For reference, you might review Supervisor Ehrhart’s promises made during his run for office and during board meetings.

What say you?

Dave Hansen

King William County

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