Solar panels concern some K&Q citizens

Dominion Energy and Walnut Solar Co. are planning a huge solar development in King and Queen County in the Cologne area. Their plans are to use 1,700 acres for their project. If this becomes a reality, it will definitely affect wildlife, recreational use and the loss of significant farmland. Not to mention changing our rural atmosphere and the aesthetics of the rural surroundings of this community.

Much of the power they generate will be used to supply some of the hi-tech companies moving into Virginia.

Of the 1,700 acres, 20 individuals have been offered leases on their property, but none have to live with the resulting views and the ongoing construction of this development.

Fellow citizens, this is a complete disregard for others’ lifestyles in the community. If concerned, please contact your representatives on the Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors in your district. This project lowers the value of this community’s aesthetics and property values of all who desire a rural lifestyle.

Yes, solar panels are stationary, noiseless, odorless and quite sterile, but what happens to the wildlife and amber waves of grain?

Jim Lesofsky


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