Beverly Allen building is on our radar

I am writing because of a recent article about the sale of the Beverly Allen School building and the uncertainty surrounding the plans West Rock has for this building. Your article was timely, as this was one of the main topics at the recent board meeting of the Historical Society of West Point.

Our meeting was prior to the article and we decided we needed to be very involved in this issue and do all we could to preserve and protect this building. We agreed, specifically, to monitor any permit request from West Rock with the town and one of our board members made immediate contact with the Department of Historic Resources and received positive assurances of their help and involvement.

The Historical Society of West Point has been very committed to preserving and promoting the history of the area since our founding more than 10 years ago. The Beverly Allen Building has always been near the top of this list. We even made an unsuccessful attempt to purchase the building for use as our local museum. We have a permanent Beverly Allen display at our museum on Main Street.

We will continue to monitor any activity involving this building, and will continue to do all that we can to preserve and protect this important structure. We will work with West Rock, the town, the state and The Beverly Allen Foundation to insure that this historic structure is not compromised.

Edwin Malechek

President, HSWP

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