Teacher shows true meaning of caring

West Point Schools have a superior reputation far and wide, and that's a known fact. They are well-known for being a Blue Ribbon School, which includes mostly academic excellence, and that is a terrific achievement. The students are generally intelligent, respectful and have good character. The teachers are also well thought of because they are loyal, dedicated and genuinely love the students. Case in point is an action performed by one of the elementary school teachers recently.

Halloween was just around the corner and both the students and teachers had big plans for decorating pumpkins and dressing up as literary characters. This is great fun for all and the excitement was building as Wednesday approached.

Unfortunately, a couple of young girls were not able to afford costumes, so were not going to be decked out for the occasion. One of the teachers caught wind of this and decided to rectify the situation. She found out the sizes of the little ones and, using her own funds, purchased a complete outfit for each one.

This was not just a cheap, easy, as-little-as-could-be-done kind of thing. The outfit included boots, purses and a copy of the book the characters came from for each child to read. She also purchased an appropriate dress for the character, a matching cape and crown.

Of course the young ones were delighted by all of the attention and the opportunity to read the book. This action was so touching, dear and sweet that I just had to write in and share this story. An amazing aspect of this whole scenario is that neither student is actually in the teacher's classroom.

This type of action is not unique to West Point schools and demonstrates once again why students love their time spent with such loving teachers. We are certainly blessed by these teachers spreading love in various ways throughout each school year.

Randy Mathis

West Point

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