Wittman demonstrates important values

I support the re-election of Congressman Rob Wittman. He shares my values and works diligently to represent our district. As a small business owner, I am enthusiastic about his support for a fair, simple, flat tax. Additionally, I endorse his efforts to work with the Republican leadership to achieve a first round of tax reform and to reduce the burden of business regulations.

My pastor and church are very involved with the Peninsula’s Native American tribes and I appreciate Wittman’s role in securing their federal recognition. I am also grateful for his advocacy on behalf of Americans and others who have become victims of religious persecution.I am amazed by the pace he keeps in order to fulfill his obligations to both our district and his family. I am sure that commuting between home and Washington takes a toll on him, but I appreciate that this keeps him close to both his fellow members of Congress and his fellow 1st District residents.

Congressman Wittman combines the values and the passion we need in our member of the House of Representatives, so I encourage all 1st District residents to vote for his re-election.

Mark R. Matney


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