Wittman provides steady, consistent leadership

On April 17 I attended a 1st Congressional District Democratic forum in King William to hear the three candidates debate a variety of topics. I had submitted a question about rural broadband to hear each candidate’s perspective and plan for expansion.

When her turn came up, Vangie Williams’ response was, “Broadband is not under the congressional ticket … When I’m going up and down the district, you know what their concern is? It’s not broadband.”

I was positively taken aback. As the Chairman for King William’s Internet Connectivity committee, I am intimately familiar with the importance and challenges for rural broadband solutions and how critical it is that we expand it correctly and in an efficient manner so that King William County — and other rural communities in the same situation — can grow. It wasn’t even on her radar.

Fast forward a few months and interestingly, now she has switched her perspective 180 degrees. “My biggest focus will be on promoting rural broadband,” she said in a WAVY.com online interview last month.

From effectively not a concern to the top of the list? How do we know her “No. 1 priority” wouldn’t change again should she be elected?

Congress has made a great deal of bipartisan progress this year to get new funding and push federal agencies to look at the true barriers to sustainable broadband expansion. There is far too much momentum to change our leadership and representation in the 1st District now, not only on rural broadband but for the many other critical issues that affect us all. On Nov. 6, I will cast my vote to continue to have Congressman Rob Wittman lead our district, and I hope you will do the same.

Edwin Moren

King William County

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