Del. Peace is an asset to the 97th District

"If you ever heard the expression “don’t throw the baby out with the bath water,” it applies in the case of the Republican nomination for the 97th District. Del. Chris Peace has been in the House of Delegates for 13 years and is at an age when many of his colleagues were first elected. He chairs the committee on General Laws and serves on the Appropriations committee. His opponent, Scott Wyatt, is running a single-issue campaign based on inaccurate accounts of Del. Peace's vote for our last budget.

Had the budget failed to pass, the governor would not have hesitated to shut down state government for some Washington-style gridlock. Republicans hold the House of Delegates by the skin of our teeth. A shutdown would put Democrats in charge of the House with room to spare. These Democrats are nothing like the ones Republicans defeated in 1999.

To those who care about life, the notorious “birthday abortion” bill would become law. To those who care about guns, a Democrat House majority would make it harder to own guns and some types could even be confiscated. Any kind of Republican can win a general election here. I am convinced Del. Peace and others were looking at the bigger picture to forestall such a grim scenario. If Chris Peace loses the convention, the delegate for western Hanover will be the senior delegate for Hanover. With six years of seniority, Hanover, King William and New Kent would lose a lot of clout and smart, hard-working influence.

I am not happy with Scott Wyatt putting his personal interests on the line to risk losing such a valuable asset as Del. Peace and what he brings to Virginians. Is vehement disagreement on one vote worth throwing the baby out with the bath water?

Respectfully submitted,

Benjamin Shumaker

King William County

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