Firefighter proposal is not fiscally sound

Because I could not personally attend the latest meeting of (King William’s) Board of Supervisors, I am certainly not alone in reading with great interest Tidewater Review reporter Jack Jacobs’ informative front pager in the Oct. 25 edition, headlined "Residents voice support for paid firefighters."

However, unless nobody — public commenters or officials — has voiced opposition to King William Fire Chief Andy Aigner's empire-building proposals for taxpayer-financed firefighters and a sparkling new, half-million-dollar fire station, can this feature be honestly considered "fair and balanced?"

Particularly after the Review’s report gives economic development chairman (Gene Campbell) a megaphone to shout his petulantly self-serving protests against Manquin District Supervisor Dave Hansen's principled scrutiny of this and other budget-busting, pork barrel projects, which are perpetually peddled by the usual cohort of county tax trough-feeders, aided and abetted by that infamous trio of tax and spend supervisors.

Oh, and isn't Mr. Aigner the same fellow who solemnly assured the Board of Supervisors back when he was hired into a brand-new position — created using money from the government grant fairy — that he wouldn't be needing additional funding and more employees?

Folks, if a fact-based, logical and compelling case can be made for paid emergency personnel operating out of yet another station — when there are dedicated volunteers right now in perfectly good stations who will be bled to transfuse the county's new hires — then pay for it by cutting county spending on frivolities and bloated compensation packages.

Because we're taxed enough already.

Robert "Sarge" Bruce


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