Cub Scouts, YMCA, business owner team up to create children's library box

Children in West Point can now give and take a book at the town’s new library box outside the YMCA.

Rejuvenation Massage Therapies, the Greater West Point Family YMCA and Cub Scout Pack 340 Arrow of Life Den — three girls — have teamed up to promote reading in the community.

Rejuvenation Massage Therapies owner Jodie Hence said she has been thinking of innovative ways to do good in the community since she founded the Women of West Point Facebook group in January.

A mom of three, she thinks reading is important and wanted to encourage that in the community.

“I contacted the troop and thought it would be a fun service project for the three scouts,” Hence said. “They can decorate the box for kids to donate books and take new donated books to enjoy.”

Cub Scouts Lena Sanders, Madyson Seeterlin and Ocean Busch then decorated the box in Pointers colors — navy and orange, with blue lettering — so people can take and leave new books.

The project counts as service hours for the group, according to den leader Molly Seeterlin.

Hence and Seeterlin worked with the YMCA to put the box at a central location for families.

The box has been a great point of conversation and has seen lots of traffic since it was installed March 8, said YMCA membership director Zelda Collins.

“I like this idea because it’s donated by and for children,” Collins said. “Children who have read books and liked them can pass them on for other kids to enjoy them.”

The books in the box were donated by a resident, Hence and the scouts. Hence, the scouts and the YMCA will check on the box every week.

Madyson said she thinks it is a cool project and liked decorating the box.

Ocean, Hence’s daughter, said she hopes it gets other children in the community to read more.

“A lot of people at my school say they don’t like to read. Sometimes I don’t like to read because of the book, you have to find one that you like. These books are ones that people like and want to share.”

Hence said she is thinking of a good location for an adult library book box in town.

“Somewhere central or possibly on the water for a person to take a book and enjoy being near the water,” Hence said. “Once I have an idea for one or two of them I’ll work with the town on a location.”

The children’s library book box is located outside the YMCA near the front entrance, 3135 King William Ave.

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