West Point women's Facebook group encourages support, sense of community


A newly formed Facebook group is giving women in West Point a greater sense of community.

The group, Women of West Point, was formed Jan. 1 by Jodie Hence, who said she felt lonely at times, even in a small town such as West Point.

Hence, a single mom of three and massage therapist who moved from Gloucester to West Point a year and a half ago, said she wanted to find that sense of community that she felt everyone else had.

“I had a hard time connecting with others. Even though it’s a small town, I thought it would be easier and it wasn’t,” Hence said. “I thought everyone already knew each other from living here for so long and it being a small town.”

She’d debated creating the Facebook group since she moved and was surprised to find she wasn’t alone.

“I wasn’t the only one. People were commenting in the group saying they want to meet new people and go out and do stuff,” Hence said.

The group grew in the first few days it was formed and now has 185 members. Members post inspirational quotes and ask for advice or about services around the area.

The group also is planning a craft night in February and a wine meet and greet in March, Hence said.

“I was excited to see that women wanted to come together and unite,” Hence said. “The whole point of the group is not to create drama or cliques or gossip, but a place where people can come and draw strength from one another.”

The group is for moms, working women, grandmothers, neighbors and all women in the community, Hence said.

Making connections

A mother of four, Melissa Anderson said she’s glad the group was formed to bring old and new Pointers together.

“My family and I moved here from Chesterfield County in 2016,” Anderson said. “We still consider ourselves fairly new Pointers, but have loved every minute of it. I’ve always felt welcomed, but this group has given me a deeper sense of belonging in the community.”

Anderson said women in the group are nonjudgmental and know no one has it together all the time, as social media may show.

“Early on after the group formed, several of us shared stories and memes that were not only funny and inspirational, but reminded us that life isn’t always rosy and sometimes we just have to give ourselves a break,” Anderson said.

All of the women in the group have different backgrounds, beliefs and responsibilities, but in the group they come together for support and encouragement, Anderson said.

Fellow member Christine Mann said it has made her and the other members realize everyone is in need of interaction and support, whether they make it known or realize it.

“I believe women struggle with that, I know I do,” Mann said. “Women think we shouldn’t ask for help, but that’s exactly what we need. We need a group of strong, supportive women supporting each other in life.”

The group has also connected Mann as a mother and businesswoman.

“Social media and groups can be an asset to connecting with other moms who may be going through the same preteen/teen issues as I am,” Mann said. “As a businesswoman, I feel that I am able to help build this amazing community. Under the many wings of other amazing businesswomen in the group and throughout social media, I’ve broadened my horizons and been able to open doors to other networks.”

Hence said she looks forward to meeting all of the group members, gaining new members, going to group events and volunteering around town as a group.

“West Point has always been a beautiful community filled with people who are truly proud of our town, and our new Women of West Point group is just another reason why this is truly such a special place to live,” Anderson said.

To join the Facebook group click on the link or search Women of West Point and request to be added to the group.

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